What does design/build mean?
Design and build is a process that allows the customer to deal with one firm from conception to finished product. While we do most of the work in house, we have working relationships with various architects and engineers which we use on an as needed basis. An advantage with design/build is that it allows the contractor to keep the project costs and scope within pre determined parameters and makes for easy transitions.

What does it cost to get an estimate?
Our initial consultation or onsite visit is offered free of charge. We will evaluate the existing conditions and hear what your plans and goals are to give you a “ballpark” estimate. The next step is the design phase where we will enter into an agreement to do your design work and begin to develop working drawings, with a retainer fee to cover design work.

What if I cannot decide whether to build a new custom home or renovate?
We actually take the design/build phase to a new level with in-house real estate salespeople. Our real estate agents help evaluate your market and determine what makes the most sense for your situation. Our agents can also help determine what you can sell for in its current condition vs. what the renovation will do to your home value as compared to building new. Other things to keep in mind are moving costs, removing children from schools, commute and much more. This is a large investment and we are here to assist you in making the right decision.

Are you licensed and insured?
Yes we are a State of Georgia Licensed Residential General Contractor and carry general liability insurance. You will receive a copy of our general liability insurance upon request with your name and address on it. Any subcontractors that we use are covered under our general liability insurance.

Do you have references that we may contact?
Yes, we have a number of references that have given us permission to use them as resources that are available upon request.