Design/Build Process

Hall Design Build has designed a comprehensive Design and Build process that strives to keep the customer at the center of all aspects of the project. We have determined and the market agrees that it is to the benefit of all parties involved to work with one firm throughout the entire remodel or building process; thus achieving greater organization and consistency throughout the project. We use a tool called Builder Trend that aids in project management and keeps our clients in the know. While each construction project is unique we have developed the following process.

Design Build Process:

Initial Consultation
A representative of Hall Design Build will meet you at your property to discuss in detail what you would like to accomplish with the renovation or addition. We would also be looking at site conditions, taking measurements and discussing general project costs and budgets at this time. We will then follow up with an anticipated budgetary range for your project.
Design Phase 1
Once the on site visit has been completed and client has chosen Hall Design Build as the firm they wish to move forward with, we move into design phase 1. A design agreement will be executed along with a retainer fee (generally 6-10% of total project costs) plus incidentals such as survey, engineer fees, architectural fees, etc. During design phase 1 we will develop as-built and concept drawings for review.
Design Phase 2
With the floor plan drawings almost complete, we begin the design development of the project. During this phase you will make selections for various aspects of the project (appliances, plumbing fixtures, cabinets, windows, landscape material, etc.). We will also be completing any elevation or roof plans needed. After selections are made we will develop a specifications list along with updated pricing detail to be reviewed along with drawings.
Design Phase 3
This is dedicated to making any final changes or tweaks to the plans or specifications to meet the project’s needs. We will also be filling in any voids in project details.
Construction Phase
With the drawings complete, specifications in order and pricing agreed upon; we will enter into a formal contractor agreement. At this point the price and project scope is GUARANTEED!! Before construction begins we will perform the pre-construction conference to review various aspects of the project (which areas are off limits to workers, which spaces will be impacted, job contact person, answer any last minute questions, etc.). Finally, we will begin construction and make your dreams and hard work come to life.