Company Info

Owner Bradley Hall was born and raised in Atlanta and has been involved in the construction industry since his teenage years.  Starting from the bottom and working his way up he has been involved in all aspects of residential construction and has acquired a wealth of knowledge.  In the winter of 2008-2009 Bradley started Hall Construction and has not looked back since.  We rely on our mission and core values to lead us into the future.  Starting Hall Construction in these most unfavorable economic conditions was difficult, but has allowed us to focus on the most important aspect, the customer.

In 2009 we worked on a variety of projects including handyman services, project management and large and small home renovations.  We were able to use our real estate and construction backgrounds to capitalize on the foreclosure market by assisting investors and homeowners alike to analyze, budget for construction costs and purchase or rent numerous properties at huge savings.  The first year of business was difficult yet would set the standards for where we wanted to focus in the future.

With the first year of business coming to a close we were able to evaluate what we accomplished and set new goals for the coming year.  The first year being a huge success and the economic climate still looking bleak, we decided to continue to focus on our core values to lead us into 2010.  We continued to work on foreclosure properties, home renovations and new construction.  We decided to move in the direction of a design/build firm due to the amount of design work we were doing on our many projects, some of the projects we completed in 2010 were whole house renovations in Buckhead, East Cobb and Gwinnett, kitchen and bath remodels around metro Atlanta and a custom home design and build was started.

With 2010 coming to a close and 2011 upon us we are excited about our future and have set new goals and aspirations for where we want to lead the company into the coming years.  With the economic forecast for 2011 still not looking good we have decided that our work ethic, honesty, quality of work and commitment to our clients is what has allowed us to be profitable and continue to grow.  While we continue to monitor the U.S. economy we believe that now is the time to build that addition, renovate your kitchen or bath, build new or diversify your investments with real estate, this is why welcome you to contact us and allow us to help you evaluate your situation and make the right move.